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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

We need a name for this new character

Hi Kids!

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to write. I didn’t think things were going on, but really, they are.

First, a PSA. All you Domers who read this: Take full advantage of your Alumni clubs! I went to a Detroit networking night last night and it was a blast. It was well run, the speaker was short and sweet, and there was free food and booze. And most importantly, ND Alums are so super cool. I met a female alumna who was part of the first female graduating class, I got invited to a golf outing, and I may use a contact to drum up some business and make Boss Man love be because I’m bringing in money. All in a night’s work. So again, take advantage of your Alumni clubs. They’re great fun.

Other than that…remember this post? Well he finally sent me an email. It was about five printed pages long! It took me three days to read it and three more days to respond. In the interim, he sent me another email asking if I received the first email. Wow. Slow down man. Give me time. I politely told him that I can’t read and I’ll get to him when I have more time.

So, what did he write about in his first 5 page email to me? Well he started out by saying he thinks I’m a nice and exceptional woman. Heh. He’s excited about starting out exchanging emails because he feels people don’t appreciate the written word. “I'm athletic ( though that doesn't mean that I play football :), don't smoke (never have), don't drink (never have), obviously I've never used drugs, and I was raised with good values, which I've maintained all my life.” Hmm…ok. That won’t pose a problem! He doesn’t believe in dating people for fun. He feels that it’s best to only date people you would marry. Oh sweetie, I don’t date people. However, I do go on dates…as long as they include a hot meal and alcohol. He did give his example, “If, for instance, I met a woman whose favorite sport is water skiing while mine is bicycling, I would have no problem adapting by getting much more involved in water skiing. And, hopefully, she would be equally willing to get more involved in bicycling.”

Oh dear. You know I’m a selfish bitch. We only do things my way. If I don’t like bicycling, we will NEVER EVER bicycle for the duration that we date. Why? Because I’m evil.

So, in my email back, I tried to be as kind as possible, when asked to describe myself, I listed the following:
What else about me? I'm a quiet loud person. I have as much fun being alone and relaxing at home as I do in a crowd of strangers. I'm gregarious. I'm extremely giving when it comes to my friends and family. I only have about six friends. I don't believe in having a lot of people you call 'friends.' I can be standoffish in unfamiliar situations, but I eventually warm up. When I choose to be, I'm a great listener. I'm loyal to my friends. I'm brutally honest. I'm a realist, not a dreamer. I have a very dry sense of humor. I tend to smile a lot.

I left out the part about how I run a small cocaine empire in Colombia, sell baby stem cells on the black market, and am a Republican. Maybe I’ll mention that in my next email.

I kinda feel bad about leading this guy on, but that’s his problem. People should learn to have thick skin and not go into situations with such high expectations. He’s already replied to my email. It was about 3 pages this time. He said he shares some of the same personality traits that I do. Oh honey. Give it time. You’ll soon learn how wrong you are about that.

P.S. We need a nickname for my new conquest. Any suggestions?

#1 - who taught you the word gregarious?!?! you know how i feel about you learning big words. next time i see you, you're getting a huge lashing.

#2 - how about we call him 'Dopey'?

I knew about the cocaine and baby black market, but when did you become a Republican? :-p

As for the nickname, I'm still working on that.

~ Roomie

I'm glad to hear the cocaine & baby back markets are going well for you, but when did you decide to become a Republican?!

Dopey is a good name for him, I agree Kipper! You eat guys like him for lunch (at least on the days that you decide to eat!) He already seems gullible - I hope he has a backbone.

~ Roomie

How about Bernie? Like Weekend at Bernie's.

How about Bernie? Like Weekend at Bernie's.

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