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Sunday, January 08, 2006 

Let Me Explain

First off, don't any of y'all EVER do what I just did to my builder. After having a few days to think about my actions, I know what I did was very risky. The guy is much bigger than I am, and if he wanted to, he really could have beat me down in that bathroom. However, I figured that he had more to lose than me, and by standing my ground I could show him who really was in charge. And I don't apologize for my actions.

My issue with my builder made me reflect on how some men treat women. I've been pretty fortunate in my life to not have to deal with people thinking I'm inferior based on my gender. (Some have thought me inferior for other reasons, but that's a whole other post!) When I go to the mechanic to get my oil changed, I get under the hood with the technician and ask a lot of questions about how my car functions. And the mechanics are very patient and helpful. When I bought my house on my own, both my realtor and mortgage broker were professional and non judgmental. At my job I feel like an equal among my bosses. I have NEVER had anyone try to pull the wool over my eyes because they are a man and they just know better. Because most men are smart enough to realize that underneath it all, I really am smarter than they are. ;-)

But with that being said, I still don't apologize for what I did, and I'm not going to apologize to my builder. Men play these power tricks all the time with each other. They may not physically lock their oponents in a bathroom, but they will strong arm them and get nasty in the boardroom, on the playing fields, and in general interactions. It's their way of asserting their alpha dominance. However, when a woman stands up and takes charge, she's labled a bitch. That's why I'm not apologizing. My builder would never talk down to a man the way he talked down to me, so I had to show him who was really in charge and assert myself. I'm not looking for his respect. But I betcha the next time he has to deal with me, he's going to fear being locked in another room and deal with me in a more professional manner. Or just shit his pants whenever he's near me.

.... but you're still a badass for doing it.

alas, the kiki i know and love.

i really do hope he shits his pants.

that would also make a great story!!!

i have to appreciate how you were so upfront. my methods are usually more sneaky and invovle fucking up people's future business opportunities.

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