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Tuesday, January 17, 2006 

You're Under Arrest

I was yaking away on the phone this afternoon when a cop comes to my office door with his hand on his gun.

"Is there anyone else here?" he asked very softly.

I had no idea what was going on. Yeah, Kerry is in the next office. At this point Kerry comes out to confront Mr. Officer. Now, I wasn't going to get off the phone. Whatever was going on in the office would have to wait. I was in the middle of an important conversation. As long as he didn't think I did something wrong, I didn't care what he was up to.

Apparently someone called 911 from our office and the Officer responded. Kerry and I had been the only ones there, so the Officer was checking to see if anyone else was hiding out in the office. Apparently no one was around. I guess it was the office ghost who called the cops.

Nothing else is going on. The Project is still terrified of me. He called yesterday to chat. He told me he wanted to do something with me on Sat but never called...plus he thougt I would be busy. Hmm, if you call busy running to Khols to buy towels! I wish he would have called and encouraged him to call me more often.

does anyone else think that this story starts off like a bad porn?

I got handcuffs like that as a dance gift freshman year... They were damn fun (but not with the guy who gave them to me!)...

you got me hooked...

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