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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

The Center of Attention

I went to the Detroit Auto Show with Boss Man this afternoon. It was really an all day event. We left at about 10 and didn't get back till the office until 5. I promise, it was official business.

This is the second year Boss Man and I have been to the Auto Show together. We like to go a few days before it's open to the public so we can sit in the Lamborghinis, Maybachs, Aston Martins, and Ferraris. We usually hit up those cars, Boss Man flexes a lil muscle and gets some sweet deals from the high end dealers, then we go our separate ways and meet up in a few hours.

Today I was dressed to kill. In fact, I was dressed better than the women standing motionless by the Ferraris in their subpar dresses. I think they were models or something. The thing about the auto show before it opens to the public is that you get a lot of Japanese businessmen, and nerdy industry car people looking at all of the specs and design of the cars. For some lil black girl in a tight cashmere sweater, a mini skirt and high heels to be walking amongst them, well, it causes a bit of a scene.

As I walked around, smiled, and made eye contact with every man over 50, I happened to stop by some car. I don't really remember what it was because it doesn't matter. A man with snow white hair walked up beside me. "What if I just buy that for you?" I looked him right in the eyes. "Ok. I'll give you my address so you'll know where to deliver it." He smiled. "You weren't expecting me to be serious, were you?" I walked away. Always a tease.

The only guy I gave my card to, I doubt will ever call me. We both happened to be gazing at the montrosity of a concept Truck that Ford introduced. We chit chatted about the car for a while. He worked for Chrysler and I told him I worked for the enemy. We had a nice discussion for a while until I had to bring him down to size. I told him that my company was superior to his, listed the reasons why, and in the end, I made it very hard for him to disagree with me. After our discussion I shook his hand and introduced myself. I gave him a card and invited him to call me if he wanted to discuss it further. Although he was cute, smart, and opinionated, I doubt he'll give me a call. I always seem to scare off the weak ones that way.

Oh, and in other news, DSL finally came to The Dungeon! I'm so excited. I also have wireless internet. However, this is useless to me as I don't have a laptop. Oh well. If it's taken me this long to finally afford DSL, I figure I'll be in the market for a laptop around 4015.

i hope that the rich man delivers the car in time for the parTAY of the year.

good work, slutface!

why did i think DSL was a character from one of your kiki does [city] stories?

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