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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

Miss Independent

I went out tonight and struck out. I knew that the campus bars would be pretty deserted tonight since most of the college kids are out for break. However, I wanted to see what was out there and see if I could get lucky.

I got all fresh and clean and went out to one bar. The Post is a typical college bar, but I had previously had success at the same bar in Detroit. The bar was pretty much empty. If you thought all ND guys looked alike, you should come to the MSU campus. All of the guys look like dumb frat boys. I knew I wasn't looking for quality tonight, but even I have standards sometimes.

I chatted with the female bar tender for a while. She was nice and peppy so I tipped her well. She introduced me to four guys in a group who came up to buy a drink. The token black guy of the group decided to chat with me. Maybe it's me, but I'm pretty much a snob to people who I meet in a bar. I feel that they have to put in work to get to know me. First off, Scott lost points by not offering to buy me a drink. If we're in a bar situation and you want to get to know me/sleep with me, the first thing you need to do is buy me a drink. I don't even want to know your name first. Buying me a drink proves to me that you're not unwilling to spend your money on me.

Next Scott asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I work in __________. I didn't give him my exact job title, but the industry I'm in. He wasn't satisfied and practically begged me to tell him. I told him that I like to stay a bit conspicuous about what I do. Unfortunately, Scott didn't know what that word meant. So, I asked him to introduce me to his friends.

His friends were nice. Older white guys. One of them asked me my age and I lied. I told him I was much older than I am. Because I like to lie. He wanted me to guess his age. I guessed 24. Then he took off his hat to show me he was pretty much completely blad! Turns out he was 35. Now, if you know me, 35 is totally in my age range. However, I was shocked by the deception I just witnessed. Friend #2 looked like an O.K. guy with his hat on. However, he didn't look so hot without the hat. And you know I have low standards. I will totally date a bald guy. Just not one that looks pretty ok with a hat, but not so ok without said hat.

So Scott and his friends leave the bar area to mingle. I caught Scott talking with some blonde chick. I didn't really care. He and his friends really weren't my type, even for a hookup.

At last call, Scott decided to visit me again at the bar. He asked me how he could find out more about me. I gave the obvious response. Ask me questions. I told Scott that he only asked me one question, and that was about my job. There was obviously more to me than my job, and if he wanted to discover that, he could ask me more questions. I told him that so far his questions were elementary and I didn't have time for him. He was reallly perplexed. He then asked me for my number. I gave it to him. Whatever, it's not like I expect him to call me.

So I came home defeated. So, naturally, I went to my standby method of picking up men. We'll see how that pans out for me. Currently I have a date set to 'watch a movie'. If it's any good, I'll let you know about it!

um, you posted this on NYE... what about the serbian?

happy new year, kiks. see you next month.

i like the old days when you'd lie about your profession and make up elaborate tales. bring back that kiki.

or maybe let the boys meet jiji. she's always fun!!! :-)

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