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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

So I mentioned I started my liquid diet, right?

Really a liquid diet probably isn’t more or less healthy than a no cards diet or no sugar diet, but I know I’m not strong enough to give us sugar. Or alcohol. So my all liquid diet allows me to consume both. Now, the key to an all liquid diet is Slim-Fast. I love this stuff. And I just went to Sam’s and bought a huge tub of the Vanilla Powder. This is my first time using the powder and I like it a ton better than the liquid. See, I make a shake every morning before work. The shake consists of a yogurt, a banana, a scoop of Slim Fast, and ice. I used to make this shake in college, and by lunchtime when I usually drink it, all of the liquids would separate and it would be gross to drink. Not so with the powder. Everything stays its normal consistency. So I have a Welch’s juice at 10:30, my shake at 1:30, and another juice at 3:30. I usually have leftover shake in the fridge, so I have that when I get home as a snack. And, because I need my protein and vegetables, I’ve incorporated soup in my all liquid diet. I’m allowed to have meat and vegetables in my soup. Yesterday I worked out and I plan on doing the same tomorrow night.

Oh, and as a side note, can you believe that the MSU gym closes at 7P since they’re still on break? Break or not, Rolfs always had stellar gym hours. I guess that accounts for so many hotties at ND.

I need to call the Shiny Couple as well. I haven’t had a drink with them in a while and I’m sure they have some great Christmas/NYE stories to share with me.

you're so much more disciplined than I am. You make me sick.

Oh it's so hard. But I have a certain outfit that I want my tummy flat for by next month so I'm determined to make this work!

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