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Friday, December 16, 2005 

A Day in the Life: Conversations with Rican

Rican: I made up my own words too
Rican: you know a whigger is a white person that acts black
Rican: well what do you call a black person that acts white?
Miss Kiki: Oreo?
Rican: a bonkie
Miss Kiki: lol
Miss Kiki: I get it!
Rican: LOL
Rican: it’s great
Rican: people don’t even know you are insulting them
Rican: you can talk about them right in front of them
Miss Kiki: I like bonkie
Miss Kiki: I will now use it. Thank you for that word!
Rican: its MINE
Rican: lol
Miss Kiki: I’ll credit you when using it!
Rican: and I have now started a trend
Rican: I used to describe a few law students
Rican: lol
Rican: could have used it at ND
Rican: where the real bonkies at
Miss Kiki: and when I use it in written from, I will include a (c) sign and reference you at the end of the written work
Rican: lol great... I get the feeling I will be making an appearance on your blog!
Rican: coming to a blog near you
Miss Kiki: oh, this is def going as a blog entry

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