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Friday, December 16, 2005 

I hate people who are younger than the legal drinking age. Yeah, I said it!

Hi Kids. I’ve had a very busy/stressful week this week. But it’s pretty much over and I can relax. 5 more days till I’m back in Texas.

So, what was I doing this week?

Well on one night was spent taking care of the drunk girl at the bar because no one else would! It started innocently enough. I went to the bar with a few people I know. While we were there we ran into this girl who we all had met before but really wasn’t friends with. She arrived at the bar about the same time that we did, but somehow, in the two hours we were there, she managed to drink the bar dry. She was gone. Being the responsible 20something that I am, I instructed her to drink a lot of water and grabbed some aspirin out of my purse and had her take it. I then led her to some of the comfy couches in the bar where she fell asleep. So one of the guys I was with thought it would be best if I take her home. Because I guess I’m a taxi cab as well. It was kinda weird because I really don’t know the drunk girl all that well. I mean, I’ve seen her around but I don’t know much about her.

Then last night I had to work with a bunch of teenagers. Ok. I don’t know if this is like racism or something, but I’m gonna just come out and say it: I don’t like people who are younger than the legal drinking age. I think I’m an ageist. There I said it. Hanging out with those teens made me so glad I’m not in high school anymore. Not that I didn’t like HS, I actually did. But HS kids think everything is the end of the world. There’s a quest to always look good and be popular. Hell, if I make it to work having showered and on time, that’s a major accomplishment that I’ll blog about! I remember when I was in HS I wouldn’t leave the house without making sure my hair was in order and my clothes were neat. Now, I wear sweats, a do-rag and my glasses out to the store. Because I just don’t care.

But I did actually look cute last night. And since I was in charge of the event we had, I felt in control and powerful. There were also some college aged kids at the function too, so I hung out with them a while. While working, I buddied up to the quiet cutie with the scruffy facial hair. He really was hot. A bit on the short side, but he seemed quiet and confident and I responded to that. I majorly flirted with him and he asked me to guess his age. He looked about 25 but turns out he was 29. And although I have a strict rule about not dating people under 30, I was willing to make an exception for him. Until one of the girls told me he looks so young b/c his new baby daughter keeps him looking young. Damn! I was crushed. Of course the one decent looking, has all his teeth with a good job man I find in this city is married with a kid. (Yes I realize you can have a kid and not be married, but I asked and he told me he was!)

So that was a part of my hectic week. I’m sure I’ll have more stories to tell as next week rolls around. I’m contemplating going to Detroit to see ADD Tim tonight. However, that would mean that I would have to shave my legs. And I’ve been on a pretty good streak. So let’s play a game. How long has it been since I’ve shaved my legs?

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