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Monday, December 19, 2005 

What does it All Mean?

I had a funky dream last night. I dreamed that I was at some guy’s house. We left his house and went to another house where there were a bunch of shady men. They were arguing with the guy I was with. I think the argument was over money that was owed to the shady men. During the altercation, the guy I was with was very calm, but I was getting a bit frightened. I left the house with another girl and went to my car. As I was approaching my car and unlocking it, I heard this old clunker car coming up fast behind me. I was pretty scared at this point and I jumped in my car, locked the doors and ducked down just as my car was being sprayed with bullets! None of the initial bullets hit me, but went through the drivers side window of the car. At this point I started my car while I was still ducked down and I heard the clunker car make its way back up the street where it showered the car again with bullets. This time the bullets went through the drivers side door and a few hit me in the arm. I wasn’t bleeding though. I turned my car around, sat up, and drove away. The remainder of my dream was spent with me driving up and down the streets of the suburbs of Detroit where I used to live, trying to find a place that could fix the bullet holes in my car. Oh, and the car I was driving was a baby blue BMW Z4.

I’m not sure why I had that dream. The only TV I watched last night was Nip/Tuck and I haven’t seen anything violent on TV lately, so I’m not sure where this dream came from. And to top it off, I had a dream last week that I witnessed a plane crash right in front of me. This didn’t make Daddy Kiki too happy as I am riding in a puddle jumper plane when I fly to Texas this week.

Well, let’s just hope that I’m not sprayed with bullets anytime soon!

was it the green beast shooting at you? cuz i feel that's possible...

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