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Saturday, December 10, 2005 

I like the Snow

First let me apologize for that fuck up of a last post. I'm not sure what I was thinking. I should have probably been studying instead of blogging.

Anyway, the test went well this morning. There was one problem that I totally had never seen in my entire life. I put down a bunch of bullshit and threw in a few equataions that I rememebered. It would be a miracle if I got any partial credit.

So I've discovered that I like snow. I had some work to do around The Dungeon today. I shoveled snow! This is the first time in my existance that I've ever shoveled snow. The kid across the street usually does it for me, but I needed to do the sidewalk and the street leading directly into the driveway. Well I did that and let me tell you, I love shoveling snow! I got such a workout. I was hot and cold at the same time. After that I winterized the lawnmower and moved it to the basement. I'm trying to think of more activites to do outside. I may just resort to frolicking in the snow! Cause that sounds like a lot of fun too.

OMG niki, you are becoming a desperate housewife! -n

ok, you referred to shoveling snow and winterizing your lawn mower as fun.

you are such a dork.

i would like to stand up and support mama kiki and her support of shoveling. if you read my blog i also support shoveling.

the more snow, the more excercise. and the more you're outside shoveling, the less you're inside eating. and then it makes you nap when you get in cuz you're tired and have built up muscles. so then you sleep and don't eat.

and everyone likes that.

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