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Friday, December 09, 2005 

The Pomegranate

I bought a pomegranate last night. I remember learning abtou them in Latin when I was in High School and I used to eat about one per year. Of course, whne I ate them at home, Daddy Kiki would always cut them open and fix them in a bowl for me to eat. Because he's an enabeler like that. Wanting to relive my childhood, I took my pomegranate home last night and tried to prepare it. The thing is so time consuming to eat. I still can't believe Persephone had the time and energy to eat one of those bastards, sealing her fate in Hades.

But I prepared the pomegrante, put all the seeds in a bowl, and ate it. And it was good. And that's my story.

hahaha... remember? Persephone could only manage to eat 6 seeds, which is why she only had to spend 6 months of the year married to Hades.

God I'm a dork.

And I liked the pomegranate that I bought, too. But... I think about one a year is enough.

I thought it was a mustard seed she ate, which made her have to stay in hell ... ???


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