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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Broke by Brokeback

I had my weekend planned. Hair appointment on Sat morning. Brokeback Mountain after that, and some shopping for clothes for the Best Damn Party of 2006. However I was heartbroken to find out that Brokeback is not being played in Detroit. It's playing at 4 theatres in my hometown back in Texas of all places (cause we're real tolerant of mixing of the gay lifestyle with the cowboy lifestyle), but not in one theatre in Detroit. Why are people preventing me from seeing Heath and Jake get it on? I don't understand!

This has been a pretty stressful week for me. It's the last full week I'm at work before I go back to Texas and there are tons of things to do. We had an interview the other day and I was so unfocused all I could imagine was the applicant sounding like the teacher from the Peanuts cartoons. So I closed myself in my office and cranked up some country music and got a lot of work done. I think that as long as people leave me to my own strange devices this week, it's the only way we can all survive together.

So, what movie should I see this weekend since I can't see the Oscar darling, Brokeback.

like all homosexuals, it likes to tease the ladies for awhile then slowly come out of the closet until it's unleashed and you can't get away from them and all it's flamboyance.

we're like a flesh-eating disease.

bareback, i mean brokeback, mountain is being released slowly over the next few weeks. have no fear, mama kiki, you'll get your man on man action soon enough.

in the mean time, just stick that DVD of 'boyz gone wild' that i got you a few years ago back in. that should tide you over.

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