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Sunday, February 03, 2008 

It's My Birthday!

Hey kids! Well I celebrated my birthday this weekend. It was a nice time. I completed a week at the new job, people generally like me, and my boss rocks! But that's all I can say about the job, so let's move on to the birthday!

Baloo and I went to Carmelo's for dinner. It sucked. The last time I was at Carmelo's was the winter of 2005. It had just opened and the owner was looking for a clientel. The food was wonderful. The service was customized. Baloo and I like to visit local establishments for our dinner outings. So, I decided to pick Carmelo's. However, I think we would have had better luck at The Olive Garden. Carmelo's is an Italian establishment. My dinner was less than good. I had Manicotti with a piece of Chicken Breast on top. The Alfredo sauce lacked any seasoning, and our waitress really acted like she was serving us fast food. And there wasn't a wine list. They just had a couple generic wines listed below the Coke products they served. I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon.

But afterwards we went home and had ice cream cake! I've never had an ice cream cake before and it was the only thing I asked for. And, Baloo delivered! Not only did I get the ice cream cake, but earlier in the week he finished painting my pantry so we could install my new pantry system (pictures to come) and he shoveled my driveway. Which was a great bday present in and of itself.

So yeah, another year under my belt, a new kick ass job, I think this year is turning out to be just fine!

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see, i told you 40 wouldn't be as bad as you thought...

Happy Birthday!!!!

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