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Thursday, February 28, 2008 

Less Than Perfect

I was having a pretty good day today until I went to class tonight. I got my midterm back and I got a 3.0. Now, you may say that a 3.0 is not a bad grade. Kiki, you may say, you work a demanding job and you're going to school full time. Be proud of yourself. However, I've become one of those obnoxious overachievers. Now that I have so many excuses (I have a ton of responsibilites and a demanding job) I've now told myself that I must overcome the odds and graduate from grad school with honors. Yeah, I know that it's a touch act, but I'm determined. So, I was pretty bummed as I came home tonight. But Daddy Kiki reminded me of a couple things. First, I do have something called the power of persuasion. I was the one in college who would go to a professor's office hours and argue why my grade should be raised. And it worked. He suggested that I do the same. Second, he reminded me that I'm pretty. And pretty girls don't make 3.0s. Which is right. And that's all the motivation I needed to argue my way up to a 4.0.

In other news, I feel that Brooks Brothers knows I have a new job, and they think I have more money. Back in the day I only got mail catalogues for J. Crew. And this made me happy, for I heart J. Crew so much. Although I have never paid full price for anything there. Now, I never get catalogues from J. Crew anymore, but since my change in jobs, I've gotten 5 Brooks Brothers catalogues. And I love the things in them! Too bad I still can't justify the prices. But let's look at some of the things I like, shall we!

Cotton Dobby Dress - $298 A little pricey, but so cute for spring!

For some reason, the picture for this won't come up, but I need it in my life. I don't need it for $3,500 though.

I just love this outfit. I could see myself wearing this. Prince of Wales line - a ton-o-money!

I also must have seersucker in my life. The prep in me requires it. Plus, it would be an addition to my ever growing seersucker collection!

And don't think any of this could be possible without seersucker shorts! I'm a sucker for seersucker! But seriously, $88 for shorts? I don't think so!

And last, but not least, I don't think I can live through summer without this hat. I would wear it everywhere. But alas, I do not have $300 to spend on a hat. If only......

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naturally, i have several things to say.

1) sissy has a Brooks Brothers credit card which earns her points to use for money off of purchases. it gets her and mr. sissy some good discounts off of suits and things. and just think, you could be just like sissy!

2) there's a lady at the BB two blocks away (how fabulous is that!) that was the top seller in the company for four years straight. sadly, she fell to number two last year. her name is susan and she is a hawk! i adore her.

3) i know you don't want to hear this, but we were just there last night getting a pretty new sport coat for my interview next month, because i had not gotten a new blue blazer since i was a wee pocket kip in high school back in the 1600s. i love it there oh so much but it makes you oh so poor so quickly.

4) i love all your choices and see no reason why a second mortgage on the EZ pad would not easily cover such things.

5) DK is exactly right. pretty girls do always win. if you were able to take a coloring class for your minor in college, i'm sure you can find a way to pull up your grade in this class!

oh, i forgot! they have some pink seer sucker pants that baloo would look fabulous in. and remember when i wore the seer sucker suit to reunion?!

I never argued for my grades to be raised, just accepted what I got. Plus I'm ugly as sin. Is this why my college GPA was so piss poor?

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