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Monday, February 04, 2008 


So I can't believe I forgot to mention this! I guess I was still upset about getting busted for the mini bar in my office......

So what did DK send me for my birthday? A SCALE! Last year he got me a nice pair of leather gloves. The year before that he got me a Cole-Haan purse. This year? A SCALE! Now, granted, it is a really cool scale with 4 user setting, BMI, body fat, weight, height, thought reader. But a scale?! Not only do I get to feel bad about getting older, I also get to feel bad about the weight I'm not losing as a result of me getting older. (Although, I'm sure getting busted for the mini bar was probably a good thing for my weight.)

So I've put the scale in the guest bathroom and have only stepped on it once. My next goal is to recalibrate it to read the weight I want to weigh.

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you totally need to catch this nasty cold i'm still trying to get over. i've lost at least 5 lbs as a result and i'm the lightest i've been in more than a year!

so go out there and catch the cold, or flu...maybe both, and watch those pounds melt away!

My dad gave me a scale when I went home this weekend. I kept joking about him trying to tell me something and he kept laughing about it. Then I realized he never said no. Oh well. It is almost summer time in the OC....

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