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Monday, February 25, 2008 

Just Another Quiet Sunday Night....

I haven't been blogging much because not much has been going on in my life. I'm working crazy hours at my new job and loving every minute of it, and Baloo and I are doing quite well. Tonight we went out with some his work friends and that's where things got scary.

So we went to the bowling alley with two other couples who were having a good time. All of a sudden, a fight breaks out two lanes down from us. Like a serious fight. With this dude covered in blood and police. Well, I kinda saw what happened. This big dude had the skinny dude by the hair. When the big dude released the skinny dude, there was blood everywhere and the big dude left. That's when I got scared. I was totally freaked out and thought the big dude would come back with a gun or something. Fortunately both guys left, the cops came, and we had a quiet rest of the evening. I was kinda hoping the alley would like comp our beers or something. It was pretty traumatic. But this is Lansing. What can I expect?

However I really am freaked out about people shooting up places. Since Virginia Tech and NIU it's really been on my mind. Especially since I'm in school again and in a classroom setting. The campus I'm at is very open and anybody can wander around. Plus, the campus is pretty huge. We had a scare last semester when some douchebag set off firecrackers in the stairway (of the only building I have classes in!) and some kids got so freaked out they jumped out of windows. That shit is real and scary, and I'm a huge believer that 'it can happen to me.' So yeah. Add that to my ever growing list of fears!

But I'm still here living life. Things are good. When something more interesting happens, I'll be sure to let y'all know!


i totally sympathize and understand where you're coming from, but child if i didn't laugh out loud when i read someone jumped out the window! that's a great visual.

Yes, that is an intersting visual - it's too bad that students actually have to worry about shit like that when they go off to college. Way too many crazies out there - and NOT crazy in a good way.

wait... theres good crazy? Can I get a list? (Just so I can start pretending to be like them. LOL) CHICA

wait... theres good crazy? Can I get a list? (Just so I can start pretending to be like them. LOL) CHICA

wait... theres good crazy? Can I get a list? (Just so I can start pretending to be like them. LOL) CHICA

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