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Tuesday, May 22, 2007 

Creepy Old Men

Tiffy and I are going to the NASCAR race in June. I introduced Tiffy to NASCAR last year and now she loves it. Don’t worry. I pray for her soul every chance I get. I’m going with her just to tag along. We usually get prime access to the race and the drives, so if anything else I can just rub elbows. So anyway, Tiffy is dating a guy who we met in Atlanta. This guy (we’ll call him Evan) is friends with the guy who hooks us up with tickets, Paul. Paul is about 50 and married. So last night Tiffy called Paul and asked for tickets to the June race. Paul agreed and added that he gets jealous whenever Evan talks about the time he and Tiffy spend together because apparently Paul wants to be with Tiffy. Ewww! Dirty old man.

What is up with old men who are dirty? Now, I don’t think Paul has the cojones to act upon his ‘feelings’ but it’s nasty that he would even try to mac on his friend’s girl like that. People.


Maybe he's having a mid-life crisis? Albeit a little late.

he's using tiffy to get to you. i know it.

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