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Monday, April 02, 2007 

Preggers Scare

Hi Kids. I know I haven't been around in a while. And, of course when I come back it's to vent!

Baloo and I are doing great. I've found out that being in a relationship is truly hard work. Everyday isn't a struggle. In fact, most days are wonderful. However, there are those days when either he does something stupid or I do something stupid and we both have to find it in our hearts to forgive and just know that each of us is an idiot.

With that being said I have one piece of advice. A pregnancy scare does not make a good April Fools Day joke.

I have an awkward sense of humor. In fact, my best friend once played a terrible joke on me that included a phantom phone call to my place of business. I won't go into the details here, but I was pretty pissed at the time it happened. It took me about a day to get over it. And, even though we still kid about it to this day, I can look back and chuckle at the situation.

I often forget that Baloo is a sensitive person. Which I'm learning to appreciate his sensitivity, but at times I have a lapse in judgment. I wanted to play on April Fool's joke on him, but I wasn't sure what to do. I struggled for a long time about the preggers scare and even consulted a mutual friend. She thought it was hilarious. So on Sunday, we had a nice day of tennis and grilling. It wasn't until about 8 that I decided to pull the joke. Apparently it wasn't funny. I didn't let it go on for very long. No more than about 2 minutes because I couldn't keep a straight face. Baloo wasn't amused. After sincerely apologizing and him forgiving me, he was still upset. It's the next day and although I called him to wish him a good day this morning, I could tell that he was still upset. Sigh. I guess that means I'll have to buy him something expensive to get back on his good side. And I've learned that apparently preggers scares aren't amusing.

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I think the words "I'm pregnant" will strike testicle-clenching fear into the heart of pretty much any guy. You should have told him that the Holy Spirit visited you during the night and impregnated you through the ear, resulting in an immaculate conception. I think you both could have gotten a laugh out of that one.

Yeah, I don't know Baloo personally, but I think just about any guy would wig out over that one. Becomming a daddy is a not something to joke about... I say hold that mutual friend responsible!


preggers scares are funny funny funny!!!mb

and just for the record, i was not the mutual friend consulted, so dont' throw any stones at me

Just the word 'Pregnant' scares me! I would freak out, too.

But, I'm glad you're back! ;)

I agree with Kip - I thought it would have been funny. And I told her that I thought it would be funny ... a mean joke, but funny after the joke was over. I agree with the "mutual friend".

I guess each relationship is different, and some guys would be able to see the humor in it. Especially, since it's April Fools' Day ... if you were serious, why wait until April Fools' Day to tell him?! Ah well, now you have a better idea of his sense of humor.

** To make your point, REALLY emphasize that whole April Fools' thing, ok? After the dust settles, he should get over it.

~ Roomie

I had a pregnancy scare with my first boyfriend. Then, I found out I wasn't pregnant. I didn't tell him right away that I had gotten my period because he irriated me and I wanted to mess with his head.

Well, later I found out he had been cheating anyway, so I don't feel too guilty about making him nutty for a few a days.

Apparently, pregnancy scares are scary to men. Sometimes we forget because it is not their bodies that are pregnant. We women just assume all men take pregnancy less serious when in fact that is not true...OOPS!

I just could see how Baloo would be scared/mad. He seems like a sensitive guy, that's all.

I'm pretty sure we all know Kiki has the 'balls of steel' in this relationship! ;)

Umm... just because all your friends sided with Baloo doesn't give you the right to never post another entry again.

Come back!!!!!!!!!!!

Evreytime I hear that 'Fergielicious' song (or however you spell it) it reminds me of your name. I don't know why it fits but, it does. I think 'Kikilicious' sounds better anyway.

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