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Monday, May 07, 2007 

Cadillac, Michigan

This weekend we went to Cadillac, Michigan. Why? Because I seek adventure and Baloo is a good sport. I had a free night’s stay at McGuire’s Resort and a free round of golf. So we set out on Saturday to face our adventure.

First, let me explain that I’m a city girl. The suburb I grew up in in Texas has just a few over 100,000 people. I thought it was a small town. Imagine my surprise when we drove into Cadillac and discovered the downtown area was about 3 blocks long. Always willing to make the best of things, we got out and walked around. To it’s credit, we settled in at Shay Station Coffee. It was very nice and the bathrooms were very clean. While we were waiting around enjoying the downtown life, Baloo and I decided to play a game they had sitting on the table, Table Topics. Do not play this game, as it will ruin your relationship. Well, not really. I guess we just discovered a few things about each other that we haven’t expressed before. One question asked, “What do you miss most/love about being single.” My answer: being single is less expensive (cause I always had a bevy of boys to buy my drinks and dinner). Baloo’s answer: “I miss my alone time.” Now really, this didn’t upset me. I just never knew he felt that way. I guess since we live next door to each other, we do spend an awful lot of time together. But now that I know that alone time is something he misses, I’m going to be more willing to let him have it. Besides, the more alone time I give him, the more he’ll miss me. See, I know how this works!

Before we checked in to the ‘resort’ we stopped and had Mexican food to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. This was the most diversity we saw during our entire stay in Cadillac, MI. Well, apart from the black person we saw walking down the street in the downtown area which we both commented on! We didn’t do anything on Saturday. We just spent time together. We would have gone out, but there was nowhere to go. We did go down to the restaurant to enjoy the live music. That consisted of a man playing folk songs on a guitar. We figured we could think of more exciting things to do alone in our room. Also, I don’t think people should just throw around the term ‘resort.’ When I think of resort, I think of 5 star with lots of amenities. Now, our room was clean and nice, and we did have cable, but I would not classify the grounds as a resort. At least not by my standards.

The trip was redeemed when me played golf on Sunday. Turns out, I’m not that bad. I’m not that good, but I’m also not that bad. We had an awesome time playing golf and I hope to do more of that when we’re in town. Another reason I don’t like small towns: things aren’t open on Sundays! We went back to Shay Coffee on Sunday after we checked out to kill time before our tee time. Trouble was, the coffee shop was closed. Also closed: the European Café. We ended up at a roadside diner for breakfast that was quaint but good. At that roadside diner we also saw a very obese woman inquiring about the food on the breakfast buffet versus the food on the lunch buffet. Lady, maybe you should lay off the buffets for a while. Your heart will thank you.

So, overall, it was a nice way to spend some quality time with my honey. The only sour part of the trip was caused by me on the drive home. Baloo happened to mention that he didn’t want to go to med school in Michigan. That took me aback. He needs to complete all his prereqs which will take about a year. Then he’ll take the MCAT and apply to schools. I still have about 3 years before I’m done with grad school and I can leave. I wanted to know where this put us. He didn’t want me to worry, telling me that we’ve only been together for 7 months. There’s no guarantee that we’ll be together when we get to that point. And, if we are, we have to just cross that bridge when we get there. Not very comforting to a girl who has had her career planned for nearly a decade. So I’m gonna try to not worry and just focus on the fun times that we’ll have. He is right and I do worry too much.

So that was our trip to Cadillac, MI.

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Med school?

I thought Baloo was going to be a Forest Ranger or something? I thought he was getting his degree in something outdoor-sy. I guess I was waaaay off.

Anyhoo, glad you had some fun in Cadillac. If I had known you hadn't been there before, I would have given you a head's up. I, personally, pass on any outings in that part of MI. It's too rural, even for me.

yeah...baloo was going to be a forest ranger for a while...until he decided that he was getting his masters for all the wrong reasons. Now he wants to be a doctor. Which I fully support. Mainly because it makes him happy and because I know it'll be more lucrative!

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