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Thursday, May 17, 2007 

Kiki's Commentary

So the big news in Lansing is a judge who is being investigated for a series of things. Most notable to me at least, are her excessive absences, claiming that another judge was meddling in her court affairs, not paying for gas at a gas station, and claiming discrimination.

I read the summary of the complaint in the newspaper, and I have a few things to say about it.

1) Some of what she says I believe to be true. I believe that another judge was probably meddling in her courtroom affairs and not letting her run her court the way she saw fit. However, I also believe in professionalism. Being the first black judge in Ingham County (appointed in 1990 no less) is something of an accomplishment. And with increased responsibilities comes increased professionalism. I don’t excuse the excessive absences. I also don’t excuse the falsifying of records if it did occur. However, I also believe that she was being scrutinized because she is black and a woman. Is that fair? Of course not. But I’ve always been taught since I was knee-high to a duck that I would always be judged differently than everyone else. That’s the reason why I was always encouraged to get a good education, keep my nose clean, and do a job better than anyone else. Because then there would be no reason for anyone to come to me and try to falsely accuse me of things.

2) I also believe that this Judge took liberties in her work. She probably saw some of her white counterparts taking days off and bending the rules. The problem with bending the rules is that you need to do it within a certain constraint. I have a better argument saying that Sally comes to work 10 minutes late everyday and that’s the reason I leave 10 minutes early everyday. I have less of an argument if Sally comes in late 10 minutes everyday yet I decide to take a 3 hour lunch everyday. Of course you’re going to get reprimanded for going that far outside of the rules.

3) There was also an incident about her refusing to pay $3.00 for gas and her being snotty to the gas attendant. Is that a reason for her to lose her job? No. However, she now has an investigation against her and they will use anything bad that she has ever done in her professional life to mar her character. Is the fair? Absolutely not. But, as a professional, she should have known she has to act better.

So what is my conclusion in all of this? Do I think she’s being singled out just because she’s black and a woman? Probably. And I don’t think that’s fair. But I also think that as the first black circuit court judge, she should have set a better example for those who will come after her. In her power and position, she forgot that she was always being scrutinized – far more than her white counterparts. And she should have done a better job of obtaining her professionalism. I’m sad that this has happened to her and she had to go through this, but I hope that other females –both black and white – (and black men too while we’re on the subject) learn that it’s still a good-ole-boys club. And until things change (which I don’t see happening soon) you will always be judged harsher than others. So you might as well play within the system and don’t take liberties that you know will eventually get you kicked out of the club.

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I'm sure what she did was wrong, but she shouldn't be held to a higher standard - if she's getting reprimanded for these things, then they'd better do the same for all the other judges.

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