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Thursday, May 10, 2007 

To All My Gangsters, Hustlers, and Players

This is directed to you. I don’t react to the ‘game’ that you spit. This morning while standing in line at the Quality Dairy to buy a PowerBar, an older gentleman (I’m thinking around 50) asked me if I were a model. Honestly, he took me by surprise as at first I didn’t hear him. When his words finally registered in my brain, I looked at him and gave him a funky look. He got mad and said, “Damn, girl. You can’t respond to people.” Listen, I didn’t hear you. And frankly, I didn’t think you received a response.

Then yesterday I was driving home from work. It was a nice day and I had my hair back in a bun and my signature sunglasses that take up most of the entirety of my face. A man in a red Pontiac Grand Am (I know, hot!) pulls up beside me and honks his horn to get my attention. I ignore him and stare straight ahead. When we get to the next light, he gets bolder and rolls down his window and starts shouting at me. “Hey! Hey! How you doing? You look good!” Riiight! I sped up and lost him at the next light.

In conclusion, I don’t respond to ‘pimp’ calls. So stop trying to use those tactics on me. However they do make me feel good about myself. Just goes to show that Kiki’s still got it!

it's true. you do still got it.

and if ever anyone uses this line, think of me. it's my favorite:

hey baby, wanna breed?

Yeah, men are sooo not subtle.

I assume that somewhere, at some point, somebody actually scored once with these tactics, or otherwise guys wouldn't keep doing it.

"Hey Fred, I just banged this totally random chick I saw on the street the other night, and all I had to do was honk my horn at her! Can you believe it?"

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