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Wednesday, May 16, 2007 

Guard Yourselves. Marriage is the new Epidemic.

Baloo and I played tennis last night. I adore tennis. I’m pretty good when I play regularly and naturally, I have a huge competitive streak. The first time Baloo and I went out, he wasn’t that great. For some reason, he was pretty good this time. And naturally I pouted about it internally. Great, here was one other thing that Baloo was better than me at. Well, he’s not really better than me at tennis, I just wasn’t warmed up enough. By the time the rain came, I was getting some pretty good shots in. He knew that I was pouting and tried to make the best of it even though I was spoiling the mood.

Later on that evening he was with me when I called my Roomie and congratulated her on her engagement. I’m so excited for her. Not only did she complete her Master’s degree this weekend, but she got engaged too. I’m so proud of her. But Baloo could tell when I got off the phone that I was in contemplative mode. I was wondering about us. Friends getting married does that to a girl. Now Baloo and I are in no way ready to get married. And really, we’ve never talked about officially getting married. It’s always vague things like moving to Denver together and soliciting his dad to build our dream house. Those thoughts are never prefaced by ‘after we’re married.’ It’s almost like the elephant in the room. But last night, even when I was thinking about us, Baloo took the time to indulge me. I have a lot of problems with long term commitment as it’s something that I’m not immediately familiar with. Baloo’s parents have been together for eternity, his brother has been married for 4 years, and he has an extended family the size of the population of a small African country. So he’s more in tune with what it takes to make things last. So, in all my poutiness, Baloo wrapped me up in his arms and first scolded me for taking my best friend’s happiness and making it all about me. And then assured me that he loves me and I love him. And we’ll work at our own pace to set what’s right for us.

So, in conclusion: CONGRATULATIONS, ROOMIE! I can’t wait to host parties and make preparations and do all that other stuff that’s involved in preparing for your big day! Ohh, and hosting your bachelorette party. Cause you know with me, it’s gonna be KrzyKiki style!

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congratulations, roomie! i'm happy for you! hooray!

ps - kiki had your man.

~kipper :-)

Baloo's right - timing is everything, and it has to be right for everything to work out. Don't question your relationship because I sold my soul to the "future Mrs." club. Besides, I'm looking forward to the "KrzyKiki" bachelorette party that's in store for us!!

ps - Kip, she can have him. I'm in it for the jewlery.

pps - ok, that was bad. I'm kidding, I promise!!! :-D
~ Roomie

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