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Friday, September 01, 2006 

A Few Things

1) I don't have cable so I'm watching the VMA performances online. Who thought it was a good idea to have children sing backup to the T.I. song that talks about cocaine and guns?

2) I think I freaked the chick out at Best Buy. I went in to buy Will & Grace Season 5. She said that she loved the show and especially loved Karen. Then I went on about how I own the previous 4 seasons, how Megan Mullally has a new
talk show and what she thought of Megan Mullally's dress at the Emmy's. Yeah. I'm scary sometimes.

3) So I have to tell you the most amazing thing that happened to me today. Many won't care but screw you! So my property taxes were due and like a good little taxpayer, I paid them lest the police come and remove me from The Dungeon. Well today I get a very big check back from the city informing me that my taxes have already been paid. For those who don't know me, I'm a HUGE saver. When I get a huge check I do two things. First I pay off my credit card bill and next I put the money in some type of savings/investment account. I'm a huge nerd who's pretty much debt free...(damn you student loan payments!). Anyway, when I bought The Dungeon, I didn't think the mortgage company was escrowing my money. So, I was self-escrowing and living below my means. Turns out there was no need for me to self-escrow. So it's pretty much like I'm giving myself a raise because I can now spend a portion of that money instead of putting it in my self-escrow account. I called Daddy Kiki to tell him the good news and he said that I must have been doing something good because it was a reward from God. Well, I believe in the reward from God bit, but I don't know about me being a good girl. Praise Jesus that I must be doing at least something good.

I hope all my goodwill doesn't fly out the door while I'm in Chicago this weekend. I'll *try* to be on my best behavior. Hehe!

Have fun! Come back with some good stories.

jesus is rewarding you to punish you later. haven't you figured that out yet?!? he builds you up to watch you fall on your face and laugh at you.

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