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Thursday, August 24, 2006 

The Greatest Race of All

Does anyone see this ‘Survivor of the Races’ as a good idea? I mean, I’m sure that each ethnicity sitting at home will root for their own ethnic tribe. Unless you’re mixed. Then you’ll be rooting for more than one tribe. I’m trying to figure out how they’re going to do the last episode. Are they going to get all lovey dovey and say that everyone’s a winner? Or, are they going to say, “Congratulations, (insert ethnicity) you are the superior race!”

And does it really matter? I mean, these people are competing to survive on some island with little to no food, bugs, wild animals, and pointless challenges. Will this determine who is superior over all races? Of course not! Well, at least that’s my argument if the black tribe doesn’t win.

How weird will the water cooler talk be? Will it be acceptable to introduce stereotypes in your conversations with coworkers? “Well, it’s obvious the Asian Tribe won that challenge. It was all about doing math.” Or “Well, it’s obvious that the Hispanic tribe won that other challenge because everyone knows they’re hard workers.” I don’t know any stereotypes for white people. Or else I would have used one.

I see this new ‘social experiment’ to be a huge problem and I cringe at what the results will be. And with that being said, I can’t wait to watch the entire season!

I'm not really sure that there is any benefit of having the teams divided this way. I don't watch survivor, but I don't think this version is going to do much other than to make people more biased about race related issues... I mean first you've got those stupid challenges, and then once the back-stabbing scheming starts, well, let's just say I don't think that separation by race is something we need to reintroduce to another generation on network TV!

is a mild case of ED erectile disfunction? GO WHITE PEOPLE

My circle of friends call an ED an eating disorder. I just hate all the preaching, so I abbreviated it. I hope that clears up the confusion because I've been asked that before.

Thanks for reading! :-)

I think it's a daring move. Not sure if I like it or dislike it. A little of both I think. I'm sure the issue of race will be addressed and it will bring peoples misconception and judgements to the table for conversation. Probably at some point, teams will merge. I think it's an interesting concept - if for nothing else than to remind viewers that people are just people no matter the skin color.

I am so *not* automatically cheering for the white people!

I will do like I always do in those reality shows, watch for a few episodes and get attached according to their personalities. The fact that they are divided up in tribes according to their race makes no difference to me.

I like the fact that Survivor has stirred up the "race" issue. It's an issue that needs to be fixed in our country because we are all the same race---the human race. People need to stop worrying about skin color.

Get people talking, yeah rah!


i think survivor should have put together a team of two white people and the rest people of color(or however you want to say it...)

*that* would be fair after seasons of Survivor with mostly white people and a few minority players.

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