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Thursday, August 31, 2006 


I’m fat. Yep, y’all all know where this post is going. It’s time again for the 700 calorie diet. For those of you not reading the comments, I stated that the ED on the right does not refer to Erectile Dysfunction, but instead a little thing we girls and gay boys at ND refer to as an eating disorder. I’ve had a lot of guys tell me that Notre Dame girls aren’t pretty. I have no opinion on that. However, I do know that what we supposedly lack in beauty, we make up in being hella skinny. I had one friend who lived in Farley hall who told me that the hall staff had to put notes on all the bathrooms asking the girls to stop throwing up in the showers because of the resulting clogs.

But don’t think the eating disorders strictly applied to the girls. The boys were addicted to working out. In fact, I’m amazed that when I go to the MSU gym I don’t see people on the treadmill with a semester’s worth of books. I knew plenty people (myself included) who would be on the treadmill or elliptical with their book/notes studying while burning fat. And ND has something else MSU doesn’t have. At the ND gym, you had to sign up to use a machine at a specific time. And even though everyone was a good Catholic saint, you were NOT to use someone’s machine if you did not sign up for the specific time. Thou shall not kill! My Ass! That’s when all hell really would break loose. I’ve seen skinny white girls threaten to beat a bitch down because they were on an elliptical during someone else’s scheduled time. And I never took a machine out of turn after that encounter! But yeah, the guys would spend hours at a time at the gym. There was this red headed boy who I thought was cute who worked out all the time. Sometimes I would go to the gym before class and he would be there. Other days I would go before dinner (oh who am I kidding, I’d skip dinner and go to the gym) and he’d be there. To this day, I don’t think I ever remember seeing him outside the gym.

So, back to me. Because this is who this blog is about. I’m going back on the 700 calorie diet for a while because I’m 3 pounds heavier than what my ideal weight should be. And really, my ideal weight is a healthy weight for my height and size. When I tell most guys how much I weigh, they usually don’t believe me and think I weigh much less. But those 6 months that I was away from the gym really made me feel gross and look gross. So, I’m back to doing something about it. Each day I write down what I eat and how many calories are in what I eat. I make sure to space out my meals and snacks so I don’t get all crazy and slap a bitch out of hunger rage. I’ve been doing well this week and have only gone over a few days. However, the diet is suspended this weekend. It’s Notre Dame’s first game and I plan on being in Chicago to catch the game at the bars. Where plenty of drinking will be done!

P.S. I don’t need any comments about how unhealthy my lifestyle is. Remember, this blog is for me and not you. I just happen to be an exhibitionist. So please keep your negativity/advice to yourself.

as long as you have enough energy to type the blog!

i don't have an eating disorder, i have disorderly eating. i starve myself, then eat too much...on and on. i used to be able to wear a bandana as a belt....alas, those days are gone. now i am a fatty at 124 pounds.
one year, for most of the year, i didn't eat solid food, ever.
oh well.
all you gotta do is eat something. cuz like you said it is about you. and in order for there to be a you, you gotta eat something, even if it us just 700 calories.

I've been on the only-dinner diet for about 2 weeks - and I've lost 6 lbs! It was 8, but... I'm back on the dessert. I have no will power.

Ohh! I've been on a liquid diet before for a month. It was really hard. And I got a little bit scary skinny after that. So I'm back on the 700 diet.

Opps, and forgot to comment on Marcia's post. Yes, it's so hard to cut out something from your diet. I don't know if I would be strong enough to give up sweet!

you're so right!!! the bitches will smack you down if you're on the machine. tha's assuming they have enough energy to lift their arms and not collapse!

Oh the wonderful memories of Rolf's and signing up for the ellipticals. That was the strangest thing about using the student gym at MU because there's no sign up sheet. That and all the stupid sorority chicks use the gym as social hour--I'm the only person ever sweating at the gym and people look at me like I'm crazy. Oh well.

Good luck with getting back to your weight.

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