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Tuesday, August 22, 2006 

The Ending to 'Today Was A Good Day'

I went out with the NYU boy. After he stood me up last night, he called back an hour later. He told me that the buddies he was supposed to have drinks with stood him up and he was calling me back to see if I was still available for dinner. Hmm…I was a little taken aback. I told him that I would not be his afterthought and flatly told him no. He apologized profusely. I’m in a mood right now where I’m tired of being a doormat to men. I feel that I let some men get away with too much. I’d rather be alone than have to deal with feeling bad all the time. I talked with NYU a little more on the phone. I could tell he was a little disappointed that I firmly said no. So, at the last second, I said yes. I had a change of heart. After telling him yes I immediately called Tiffy. I needed validation that I wasn’t being a doormat. She told me that it was ok that he changed plans multiple times. He’s in town for a conference and he doesn’t know anyone. It was an honest mistake. However, if I had known him for a month or two and he pulled that shit, I was to kick him to the curve.

I took my time getting to the restaurant (Cosi). I didn’t change back into my previous amazing outfit, but I still looked very nice. By the time I was walking around the corner to Cosi, I got a call. NYU was telling me that Cosi was closing. In fact, when I walked into the door, the manager was locking it. No problem…we could go somewhere else for dinner. Problem was, NYU had ordered while waiting for me. And his food was ready. So we found a bench on the street and I watched him eat his delicious Cosi BLT.

Although I was trying to keep up a pleasant appearance, he could tell that I was pissed. First about being stood up, second about being called an hour later, third about missing dinner. He asked me if I had eaten and I told him no. That made him feel really bad. He offered to share his sandwich but I declined. My heart softened a little after that gesture.

NYU thought I was hilarious. We talked about a lot of things. For some reason we talked about getting into fights. I told him that I hadn’t been in a fight and if anyone approached me to want to fight, I would probably run away…cause I wouldn’t want anyone to mess up my face. However, if I did have beef with someone, I would slowly destroy their soul and break them down from within…psychological warfare. He was amused (and a little frightened) by this.

I learned that NYU was a hockey player and he was intrigued to know that I’m a figure skater. He said because of that we should be a perfect match. He’s the youngest of 8 children (obviously Catholic), lives in Manhattan, loves his job and works with a bunch of women. He said he loves working with women and wouldn’t have it any other way.

He was a nice guy. He invited me to his conference’s open bar tonight but I told him that I have a golf lesson. (Ok, when work starts interfering with my drinking, I’m really going to have to reevaluate my priorities.) He told me he’s in town till Thursday. I told him to call me. It was a good end to a very good day.

Nice, Kiki!

Though... golf vs. free alcohol? I'm almost questioning your sanity here!

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