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Tuesday, August 29, 2006 

The Beatdown

This week has not started well. I'm hoping it gets better.

Yesterday was the first day of class at MSU. I was really excited. However, before I got to campus, some kid rear ended me on the highway. Fortunately she didn't cause any cosmetic damage to the EZ Rider. However, as I drove away (after getting her info) I heard a weird humming noise. I heard it again when I drove to work today and called a mechanic to check it out. My appointment is tomorrow morning. And naturally, the noise has mysteriously stopped. I'm still taking it in. I'd rather spend the $40 and get it looked at than not have it looked at at all.

My class last night was good. I had on a rocking outfit. I always believe in dressing up for the first day of school. Plus, I had a meeting at work yesterday as well so it all worked out. My professor is not 'English is his first language' speaking. It was hard to understand him at times, but he's very jovial and lighthearted so that helps. Plus, I sit in the front row so I can't miss anything he says. Yes. I'm that girl.

Then, I almost beat a boy down at the gym tonight. I'm not really a violent person, but I do listen to very crunk, sometimes violent music when I'm working out. It puts me in the mood to push myself. Well, after finishing my cardio I headed down to the weight section where there's not a vag in sight. I'm waiting for this kid to finish with a bench so I can use it next. Next thing I know two punk kids ask the bench guy if he's close to his last set. These kids looked like sophomores or juniors. Didn't look like they could grow hair on their chest, but not as timid as a frosh. As soon as the bench wasn't occupied, they approached the bench but I threw my towel on it and gave them both a look. I never said a word. They immediately got the message. Just because I'm a chick doesn't mean I don't get equal access to the free weights, bitches. I'm glad T.I. was in my ear pushing me to take a stand.

So yeah, that's all. My week isn't going all that bad. I have class again tomorrow and of course I have a spectacular outfit planned. This, however, will all stop and it begins to get cold. That's when all my cute outfits run out.

OMG!! i forgot to post last night when i read this. I'm sorry to neglect you. I'm in Miami. I don't think I like it here, but I'll give it a chance.

Hopefully if I meet Ricky Martin!

I love thug kiki. I listen to some rap, well, almost all of the time. Maybe that's why I've felt so bitchy lately.

I heard it's going to be in the 40's up by Houghton lake in he next few nights. Cold will come earlier than usual for you. Therefore, all hotness will end for everyone. That's the only bad part about the winter, all the cuteness is covered up.

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