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Friday, August 18, 2006 

Party Over Here!

Omgomgomg! I just got invited to an adult party! Now, I know this is something that goes on pretty regularly in normal people’s lives…but I’m not normal. And, I don’t have a life.

I opened my inbox to find an evite inviting me to a pool party. At first I was pissed because it would coincide with a ND game, but I saw that the times were perfect and I could hit up both the party and the game and I would win overall.

The couple who invited me to the party is a couple I met at one of my networking functions. Shortly after the function I received and email from the wife asking me if me and my boyfriend were going to some baseball game. (Ha! Like I have a boyfriend!) Obviously the wife mistook me for another girl named Kiki who she had met at the networking event. I replied back that I was the other Kiki, but I would love to go to lunch with her. She never responded.

So, part of me is wondering whether or not they really invited me or the other Kiki. Who cares! I’m going anyway. And since it’s a pool party and I’ve been working out, I plan on being the skinniest bitch there and showing up in an awesome bikini. And I’ve decided that if the party is lame, I can always excuse myself and tell everyone I need to get to a bar and watch the ND game. And if it’s fun, I can always pick up one of the single guys and invite him to the bar to watch the game with me. See, I knew I’d have something exciting to blog about soon enough! Wish me luck!

how are there two girls named kiki in lansing michigan? WTF??


two kiki's??

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