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Saturday, August 19, 2006 

Mindless Reads

On Friday I went to the bookstore. I'm usually a fan of the library, but the library didn't have any of the books that were on my list to check out. So, I decided to hit up the bookstore. I wanted to get Lipstick Jungle but I also inquired about The Undomestic Goddess and Everyone Worth Knowing. I felt really sheepish as I asked the girl to help me find the books (I didn't write down the authors when I was researching at work). I didn't realize I was in a chick lit probably doesn't teach you anything about life book. So, I also bought a cook book with 200 soup recipies. You know, to show that I read about more than the lives of fabulous women with fabulous wardrobes who live in New York.

(and I ended up buying Lipstick Jungle. I'm in the first chapter and I'm loving it!)

is that a book about lesbians who get lipstick on their bush?


I actually did a lot of Chick Lit over the summer, too. It was nice & refereshing. I like different. Did you ever read the Devil Wear Prada? Or did the movie coming out ruin it for you? It was a good book.

I didn't read Devil. I have a thing about trends. I try to stay away from whatever's popular. I'm a rebel like that. However, that's not to say that I won't read it in a year when all the buzz dies down!

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