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Wednesday, August 16, 2006 

Starting School

So I don’t know if I told y’all, but I started grad school. I took classes last year online and I take my first in-classroom class this semester. I’m really excited. Finally I’ll be able to interact with people outside of the office. However, with my new student status, I also am able to take advantage of all the things my student ID offers. I’ve been taking advantage of the gym (illegally…but it’s justified. No one wants to see a fatty Kiki) but I spent the better part of the day looking at other things I could get by using my student ID. I’m most excited about dental work and club sports. Dental work because it’s time for my annual cleaning and x-rays. I don’t have dental insurance at my job, so I let my Dentist anally rape me in exchange for him cleaning my teeth every year. (Not really…but paying for your own dental work is a bitch. Makes me glad that I have at least a little insurance.) So now I’m excited that I get to inquire about the student rates for dental examinations since I’m now a student. Thank God they have a medical school on campus. I’d even be willing to have some dental student stick his hand in my mouth…so long as he’s attractive and single.

Moving on from my medical excitement (I think they have a prescription drug plan too! Yay for buying poison at a cheaper rate!) I also looked at their club sports. I’d like to do intramural but you have to belong to a group to join intramural (like a sorority or something). And, since I don’t like to make friends, I think going the club sport route is the best for me. So far I’m seriously considering field hockey. We had field hockey in High School and although I didn’t play on the team, I secretly wished I did. So now, as an adult, I can now play. Apparently the team is coed and I was looking at some of the pics and it looks like there are a lot of foreign people on the team. And you know how I love me some foreign people….unless they’re here illegally and clogging our public schools and healthcare facilities…but I digress.

I just checked the list again and it seems that Field Hockey is really the only think that tweaked my interest. There was also a figure skating club but I doubt people join since figure skating is a varsity sport at MSU. I also thought about tennis, but I’m intimidated to play with a club team that you have to try out for. I do better rejecting people, not having them reject me.

So, I’ve decided to spend the rest of the day researching different things I can take advantage of on campus. I’m so stoked!

Congrats on the grad school. My hat goes off to you. I could never go back. It saddens me, but I just can't committ to the idea of forcing myself thorugh more years of college.

When I was a student, I to the Univ of Michigan dental school in Ann Arbor...what I loved was the audience! If they did anything more complicated than cleaning, more than one student was involved and the professor had to come look too...It was cheap but took FOREVER!!

OMG!!! please please please be the guinea pig. just imagine that you're helping out people like dr. wave hone their craft so they can become rich and support leaches like me!!! :-)

Hooray for going back to school and hooray for affordable dentistry! It's been a while since I've been. Does the dental school offer you a bucket of toys to dip into after you've had your teeth cleaned? Because that's a dealbreaker for me.

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