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Thursday, April 20, 2006 

The Nazis are Coming!

The Nazis are rallying on Saturday. Get excited! That’s the talk of the town in Lansing this week. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised. I am living in the state capitol. Folks are always rallying for something or another here. It gets interesting in the summertime when everyone with a cause comes out to voice their opinion. I like the folks who give away free stuff. Last year I stopped by a Pro-Choice rally because they were giving away free t-shirts and backpacks. I still wear that t-shirt to bed. I’ve also stopped by when the diary association promotes dairy awareness in the summer. They hand out ice cream. I think dairy is a good cause.

But it’s the Nazis turn on Saturday. I’m glad that the powers that be were smart enough to make them rally on the weekend. Lansing is one of those cities that’s dead after 5P. No one visits downtown on the weekend. So, I’m hoping the Nazis won’t have an audience.

I also have to commend our brand new mayor. He’s young and innovative and he planned a ‘diversity day’ at a local high school on Saturday to counter the Nazi rally. He hopes that by having the diversity fair it will discourage people from going to the Capitol to harass and argue with the Nazis.

I’m all for free speech. I actually have no problem with allowing the Nazi group to rally. However, I think it was very proactive for our mayor to try to counter the rally with the diversity day. I’m hoping both go on without incident.

This sounds like the same opinion reached by one of my libertarian friends when there was a Nazi march in his hometown of Gary, IN. Perhaps you are a libertarian as well?

I guess there's nothing wrong with wearing a free pro-choice t-shirt to bed. So long as it doesn't have, like, a picture of an aborted fetus on it. That would be gross.

how did the Nazis make it to Michigan? i thought after they looted everyone's treasures they went to live in little holes with the hobbits?!?!

and does this mean that daddy kipper can hold a rally of his very own in lansing against fat, lazy and dumb people? think of the fun!!!

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