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Wednesday, March 29, 2006 


A few things:

1) Happy Anniversary to me. Sista sLedge.r is one year old! I can’t believe I started this a year ago. I wish I had something meaningful to say, but I don’t. Maybe it’ll come later.

2) I’m calling my Insurance company. I’m outraged. OUTRAGED, I tell you. I stopped in to the pharmacy to pick up my monthly supply of
poison. The total was $40! It’s usually around the $38 amount. I wanted to know why it had increased $2. Apparently the drug costs $40.83 and my current insurance company is generously picking up the extra $0.83. I was more outraged when I started this job. At my old job, my same poison costs $15, so I was a little miffed that my new insurance company covered less. Anyway, I asked the very nice pharmacist why my poison reached the $40 mark this month. She told me that the insurance company could have adjusted the cost of the product so to encourage me to take a more traditional poison like the pill. No way! I can’t remember how I get to work most mornings. You think I’m gonna remember something as complicated as taking a pill every day at the same time? So I’ve decided to call the insurance company later on in the day to see if we can get this worked out. Now I know why Daddy Kiki is so adamant on staying healthy. Could you imagine having 10 prescriptions to take at $40 each /month. That adds up. I’m glad that Daddy Kiki only has to take one type of pill and I’m also glad that I’m not old. Or grey. Or wrinkly.

hmmm... birth control costs more than my gym membership... that's not hot...

happy anniversary poodle! YAY

and why don't you take both forms of birth control and just screw your way through michigan?!?! :-)

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