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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

Detroit Trip

Sometimes I think it would be great to just move to New York and dress in funky clothes and walk the streets. Truly disturbing clothes. Clothes that are odd colors. Pairing cowboy boots with berets. And I would do this for a couple months and then move back to Michigan and resume my life.

I was in Detroit last night. I was there to go to an alumni meeting and to also meet the New York gay boy I’ve been talking to. Oh, I haven’t told you this story. I posted an ad on CraigsList. It said that I needed a new gay best friend and I was looking for applicants. I don’t know the NY Gay Boy’s name, but he emailed me and told me he would be in Detroit for business and he wanted to have a drink with me. He sent me a picture and passed the attractiveness test and we decided to do drinks when I was in town. Well, long story short, NY Gay Boy had to work late and we never met up. After the alumni thing I decided to pay ADD Tim an unexpected visit.

I must say I miss hanging out with ADD Tim. I called him and let him know that I didn’t want to “see” him. I just wanted to hang out. So we hung out in his bed with all the windows opened and watched the Red Wings game while Kitty (his cat) took turns joining us on the bed and jumping out the window and going outside. ADD Tim is doing really well. He’s lost a ton of weight. His business is growing and he’s buying a new and bigger condo. He told me he’s house sitting at a friends house this summer (with a pool) so I plan to hang out with him more. We talked about dating. He told me that business has been going so well lately that he hasn’t been dating and right now he’s not interested in dating. I agreed. I’m kinda in that same place now too. We had fun. It was a good time. We got to chill and relax and enjoy the cool in the room and just hang. I scratched his back and I told him all about Lansing and The Dungeon and the job. He said it was nice to have the human connection. I couldn’t agree more.

And, in true ADD Tim form, he wouldn’t let me leave without giving me something. And since I wouldn’t accept what he really wanted to offer me (think dirty), he gave me a package of grape leaves (I was hungry) and a red bull to keep me awake for my drive home.

And that’s the story of my visit with ADD Tim.

so if i read this story correctly...there were two kitty cats on the bed and that poor boy didn't get nothing? nice work on the blue balls.

and yay for friends with pools! i'll be right over.

now go dig up husky!

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