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Monday, April 17, 2006 


Ron White. I’m going to call him Ron White. As Kiki is my alias, I learned over drinks that his alias is Ron White. So that’s what we’ll call him.

I’m not sure how we started talking about relationships. However, I have an uncanny ability to stick my foot in my mouth. I’m the type of person to tell a stranger that I hate country music only to learn that I was in the presence of the biggest country singer of all time. I made that same mistake on Saturday night.

“I hate cheaters.” I told him. I haven’t had a traumatic experience with cheating. My parents didn’t cheat on each other and I have never had anyone cheat on me. I also haven’t cheated. It’s just the idea of cheating that makes me upset. I totally believe in dating more than one person. I think that’s healthy. However, I also believe in full disclosure. If you plan on dating more than one person, let everyone who’s involved know.

I could tell that as I ranted on, Ron was getting uncomfortable in his seat. I knew I stuck my foot in my mouth.

“You’re a cheater, aren’t you? Ok. Why do men cheat?”

Ron told me it was a peer pressure power trip. Even though you have the most beautiful woman in the room, you want to know if you can get another woman. Ron gave me an example.

He told me in college that he would wine and dine women. The full works. Candlelight dinner, violinist, champagne and chocolates. Hell, I’ve never gotten that service as an adult. Imagine how awesome it would be getting all that as a college student. He said he loved to impress women. To suck them in, and know he had full control. He told me he even did this when he had a fiancé. I was floored. Knowing what I know about Ron, he obviously appreciates the finer things in life. BMWs, fancy restaurants, the finest golf resorts. I new his fiancé had to have been gorgeous. And he told me she was. “Then why would you cheat on her? I’ve always thought that if I was hot and stayed in shape, no matter what happened, a man wouldn’t cheat on me.” He told me that it doesn’t matter if a man has the hottest woman in the room. He wants more. And he wants to know that he can get more without the women being the wiser.

I know. Ron sounds like a dog. Just by knowing that little bit of information about him, I’d never want to be anything more than friends with him. Not that I was looking for more to begin with. However, I’m glad I had that conversation with him. I’ve never talked to any of my guy friends about why men cheat. But now I have a better understanding on why at least one man does.

I think it's more or less a natural male instinct to want to mate with everything in sight - that whole propagation of the species thing is pretty much the driving force of life, and from that standpoint it's necessary for males to have a constant sex drive; not so much for females.

In fact, despite what the moral revisionists in this country want to believe, the whole monogamous/one man one woman/married for life thing is a pretty recent and unnatural concept.

Of course, there's a lot to say for rising above instincts and the drive of nature for the sake of and out of respect for another human being.

the point is...men just like to poke their penis into things. gay, straight, bi - it doesn't matter. the peepee was programmed to poke. and poke it will do!

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