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Saturday, March 25, 2006 

Money Money!

Horray! Uncle Sam came through and magically deposited money in my account last night! So I've spent the morning deciding how to spend it. A portion is going to pay off my appliances that I bought for The Dungeon, a portion of it is going to pay off my credit card, and a portion is going to savings. I know. I'm a wild spender.

So now that my credit card is all paid off, I can now repair the huge crack that is in my windshield (which, I admit, I'm growing quite accustomed to), sign up for my summer golf lessons, and buy my golf clubs! Now if only there wasn't snow on the ground, I could actually get excited about Spring! *sigh*

But to treat myself, I've decided to go out and buy Prince's new album. And then come back to The Dungeon and clean. Somebody stop me before I have too much fun!

you forgot to mention to buy all your loyal blog readers a nice new car?!?! WHAT ABOUT US?!!?

I remember golf. That was my attempt to join a sport to get out of PE in high school. I sucked at it. I couldn't get off the driving range. But at least I got to hang out with Mr. Barrett.

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