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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

Out before the game was even played

Ok. I get it. When you screw someone over, you should probably brace for it, because you’re gonna be screwed over yourself.

The Designer didn’t call this weekend. Therefore we didn’t have our date on Sunday like I had planned. I wasn’t too upset about him not calling. I really didn’t have very much confidence in his mental capabilities, and our last few phone conversations were very trying on my part. I did get a call from him last night. At midnight. I let it go to voicemail. There’s no way I’m talking to anyone that late at night on a school night. I listened to the message this morning. I’m paraphrasing what he had to say:

Sorry I didn’t call you yesterday. I had to go in to work because my
manager called me about a presentation we had to make today. We ended up
staying till 7:00. I don’t know if it was a long week or just being there,
but after I got home I just passed out. And I totally apologize for
yesterday and I hope we can make it up either this week or this weekend.
Sorry I’m calling you so late. I just wanted to make sure I called
you. Have a good night.

I didn’t really know how to respond to his message. I thought it was weird for him to call me so late at night. Maybe he really was busy. Maybe I should cut him some slack. I thought about that until my voice mail told me I had a saved message on my phone. Not remembering what message I saved, I listened to it:

March 25, 2006 1:00 a.m.

Sorry to call you so late.
Last night I ended up taking a shower and I ate something and I accidentally
passed out. I’m just getting off work right now. It’s been a crazy
day. Sorry I didn’t get in touch with you earlier. When you get a
chance, give me a call when you get some time. Hopefully within the next
week or two we can get together and have a drink. Sorry for calling so

Ok, what the hell is wrong with this kid? Who passes out so much? I mean, I accidentially pass out all the time. But it usually involves a bottle of wine and a weekend. Not 7P on a weeknight. And what’s up with him calling so late at night? I just don’t understand. I’m not calling him back. I don’t have time to deal with his bullshit. Even if he did get home at 7 (I’m assuming p.m. his message didn’t say differently) you can just pick up the phone and tell me that you’re really tired and you can’t make it. I could have understood that. To not call until midnight the next day seems fishy to me.

Well, like I said. I was bad to a person in the past so I’m assuming this is my comeuppance. I can’t wait till the next crazy applies to win me over.

i pass out on a regular basis. why just last night i passed out after three pitchers of margaritas...

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