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Thursday, April 13, 2006 

The Amazing Race

Daddy Kiki and I are applying to be contestants on The Amazing Race. Seriously. We got the application today. He watches TAR pretty religiously. I watch it whenever I remember that it’s on. However we both like the fact that we can kick other people’s butts in a physical competition. Plus, we’re both pretty good travelers. I’ve never traveled out of the country, but he used to live in Korea and he’d go to Japan and other Asian countries.

Plus, Daddy Kiki retires next year. He’ll have a lot of time on his hands. So, he thinks it would be a good idea for us to go on a reality show. Of course he made no mention of the time I’d have to take off from work if we get selected to compete. I hope he plans on subsidizing the salary I’m gonna be missing.

Daddy Kiki and I would be good competitors. First, we’re both physically fit, him more so than me. Second, we like to push each other to do things. Even things we don’t like to do. I remember when I was a Wee Kiki, Daddy Kiki used to challenge me to eat hot peppers, because as he told me, only big girls can eat peppers without crying. And last, even though Daddy Kiki is a saint of a man, he turns his head and won’t say anything if I were to sabotage other players. Because we’re in it to win. No matter the costs.

So that’s the story of Daddy Kiki and Miss Kiki competing in The Amazing Race. I don’t know how far we’ll get in the application process, but it’s gonna be a ton of fun trying!


I can't wait to see you go postal on the people and growl at them and call them all fat and steal their food and trip them and send them in the wrong direction and finally, get in giant fights with daddy kiki on national tv!

make sure you give daddy kipper a shoutout! i want to be featured in your video montage - you know - like the parents in american idol!

I think that's awesome, Kiki! My work friends are trying to get me to go on "America's Next Top Model," but I'd have to saw off one of my hips in order to fit into sample size clothes, and I think the fact that I can read disqualifies me from the competition.
I really hope you guys make it onto TV!!!

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