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Saturday, April 01, 2006 

My Better Judgment says I shouldn't post this

***Disclaimer: This entry is not taking a shot at anyone. It’s not meant to offend. It’s just that it’s 8A and I’m sitting in a McDonald’s in Detroit and I have an hour to kill before I start working. This is just a rambling from my now over caffeinated brain.***

So I’m sitting in McDonald’s this morning. It’s the result of me waking up much too early to drive to Detroit for my last volunteer session. I have now affirmed why I don’t eat fast food or go to fast food establishments. My order was simple enough. I wanted a bacon and cheese McGridle with no egg, a small coffee with 2 creams and 8 sugars. 20 minute later, the young guy making sandwiches still didn’t get the order right and the manager gave me two free apple pies and a hash brown. Not that I needed any of that food. Sometimes it’s just fun to get stuff for free.

Last night I went to a bar for dinner. Burgers and Beer. It kinda depressed me. There were about 10 people total at the bar. Most were law school students. I sat next to the middle aged men who were having beers and smoking cigarettes. A fairly young couple sat across from me at the bar. I felt a little bad for them. The husband was mildly attractive (remember, Lansing standards) and the wife was a bit dumpy and a little overweight. I felt sorry for the husband. From my vantage point, the husband was still fuckable. However, he gave up his fuckable status and got married and now he’s stuck with an unattractive wife. Ok. Maybe they’re in love. But they just didn’t look like a compatible couple. I stared at them some more. (No one at the bar was interested in talking to me.) I wonder if this is all we have to look forward to. If that’s what marriage is really all about. It looked like the guy could be doing so much more than being married. Like I said, he was attractive. He could have been having cocktails with a leggy coed. He could have been throwing down brewskis with his bros. But no, he was stuck at the bar with his wife at 7P on a Friday night. Is that what you have to look forward to when you’re older and married? If so, it’s pretty depressing. I was thinking about it as I was driving in this morning. I cherish my independence. I like not having to consult someone else before I do something. I like making decisions on my own. I can’t imagine myself connected to someone else forever. What if I get bored of them? What if they turn out to be someone you never imagined in the future? What if they change? Then what? You’re stuck with them. And you gave up your fuckable status. And you’re screwed.

The guy sitting next to me at the bar finally turned around and acknowledged my presence. “Why do you look so sad?” “I just found out I’m pregnant,” I said, taking another sip of my Killians. He gave me a horrified look. “Oh don’t worry. I have my abortion scheduled for next week.”

Ok, that last paragraph didn’t really happen. But wouldn’t it be funny if it actually did?

Oh, man. I really wish that last paragraph HAD happened.

I think a lot of people get unlucky with marriage, but some don't. As long as you marry someone who has similar interests and plans on staying attractive, you should be OK.


good post..

If you marry the right person it is GRRRREAT.
You can still be the person you were before you got together...except the sleeping around bit...Which i think is over rated anyway..

Michele sent me!

LMAO I love the last paragraph, even if it did not happen. I would LOVE to say something like that. hhahaahaha

Hello via Michele's M&G.

Michele sent me... Honestly, I can't comment more than that...

I love your use of the word "fuckable". I wonder what criteria would be used to determine such status. Any thoughts?


You always crack me up. I so wish you'd said that. I would have bought you a hundred beers!

me thinks you really did say that. i know how you operate.

and the important lesson is - ugly people deserve to be unhappy. that's what they get for being ugly. it's in the bible.

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