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Sunday, April 16, 2006 

Fuck You, Dude

The title refers to something that happened last night. It's one of those you had to be there things.

I had an AMAZING Saturday. It was just great.

It started at 7A with me driving to Detroit for my hair appointment. After that I had a
4 hour lunch with a former co-worker. She's doing really well and is an up and coming mover and shaker in the political arena. So of course we talked politics and everything else. I hadn't seen her in two years and it was so nice to reconnect.

From there I went to the
mall. I'm on a quest for a new fragrance. Kiki already has a signature fragrance that I wear, but I want something new for the summer. And where, in my opinion has the best selection of fragrance? Neimans! Now, the deal with Neimans is I love the place. I love the service that you get in Neimans. However, it can be a bit intimidating if you don't have Neimans money. I am an example of someone who does not possess Neimans money. So, in order to get fine service, you have to make up a backstory on why you're not gonna purchase anything today. My story was that it's my birthday coming up, and Daddy Kiki sent me to Neimans to pick out the exact fragrance I want and then he'd buy it for my for my birthday. However, in all reality, Kiki was just sampling the fragrances to get an idea of what I wanted, wrote down the name of the fragrance, and then went online to eBay to see if she could get it cheapers. Cause I don't have Neimans money.

After Neimans I bought a bra at Vickies that was under $1324908324329.00. The only time I buy stuff at Vickies is during their semi-annual sale. However, I had a coupon and the bra was purple and I caved. Otherwise, there's no way I'd buy stuff from Vickies. I just think it's too expensive.

After Vickies I called _____ (I can't decide on a name for him). He's the guy I met at the ND Alumni night who wanted to get in my pants and I'm trying to trun his attraction for me into business for my company. Anywho, we had lunch last week and he volunteered to help me with my purchase of golf clubs. I was so grateful he helped me. Because, instead of spending $250 on clubs at a golf store like I was about to do, he took me to Meijer where we found a complete set for $129. He stressed to me that until I could learn to hit the ball consistantly, there was no need for me to have $250 clubs. And he was right. After Meijer he took me to a
driving range in Royal Oak where he showed me the basics of holding hte club and identifying the clubs. Then I got some lessons on hitting. And how did I do. Not bad for my first time out. At one point I was consistently hitting to 100 yards. He said that my swing and position are fantastic, I just need to get better at hitting the ball squarely. Folks, I have a new obsession.

From the driving range, I could tell that ______ still wanted to hang out so I suggested we go grab a drink. We ended up in Novi at
Moes on Ten where I had a drink and we hung out and talked. It was fun. Although I'm in business relationship mode with him (and I told him so) I can tell he wants to be more. I'm trying to be mature and hope that 'more' doesn't mean he wants to get in my pants. He's very kind and he tries his best to look out for me. I told him how I don't have fun in Lansing and he's determined to show me a good time. So, from Moe's we decided to go to a club.

We jumped in our cars and went to
Tequila Rain. Turns out, there was a nasty line, so we went next door to Lucky's. And that was a blast! Lucky's is a grown folks Chucky Cheese. There are games, tickets, cheesy prizes. The works. _____ tried to get me liquored up, but I still wasn't feeling comfortable enough to let my guard down with him. We played for a few hours and I won this awesome Pez dispenser before I realized it was midnight and I needed to go home.

And then I drove back to Lansing. The end.

When I get a little more time, I'll tell you about ______ and my conversation about why men cheat. It was a bit enlightening. I'm off to go play in my garden!

Happy Easter!

world's longest story. i do like that you got golf club's however.

and that reminds me - do you remember that time we went car shopping with 'daddy kipper's trust fund money'? fun times :-)

a) LOVE the new template.

b) you totally changed the title of this post. I like the other one better. I always like profanity better.

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