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Tuesday, April 04, 2006 

That is so 1995

I like when people say that the North is much better than the South for blacks. Because the North didn’t have Jim Crow laws. Even Daddy Kiki feeds into it a bit. When I told him I was thinking of moving to Florida or Georgia or Virginia later on in life, he warned me about not getting ahead because of racism in those areas.

Well for those of you who didn’t know, the North is making strides in racism as well. This
story has been all over the news in Lansing. For those of you who don’t read items with more than 100 words (Kipper), this is what happened. 2 weeks ago, a police sergeant told police that he was shot in the arm by a black man at 3 a.m. As a result, schools and local businesses were shut down and neighborhoods put on lockdown because this dangerous, armed, almost cop killing black man was roaming the streets. There was even an artist’s rendering of said black man so folks could be on the lookout. However, we find out yesterday that it was all a lie and the sergeant wasn’t actually shot by a black man, he just shot himself in the arm. Oops!

Oh Lansing. You’re so behind the times. No one has falsely accused black people of crimes since
Susan Smith told police a black man carjacked her and drowned her kids. And that was back in 1995. More than 10 years ago! Even the Runaway Bride told police that some white people kidnapped her and shoved her into a van. Why? Because the Runaway Bride had class and respected race relations. Silly Lansing, now we blame all our misfortunes on the terrorists. If something bad happens to you, blame Osama. Everyone’s mad at him anyway and we’re positive that he’s done some bad in the past. You can’t lose by blaming the terrorists.

So the lessons learned are as follows:
1) The South isn’t the only racist game in town. The North is representing too.
2) If anything bad ever happens to you, blame the terrorists. Because blaming black men is so 1995!

Oh Rooomie, you clever girl ... you never cease to amaze me.

As a Yankee who transplanted herself to the pseudo-South, I've had a chance to get a taste of both sides. Fortunately, no one has burned a cross in front of my apt (yet).

On that note, check out the craziness happening on my campus. Two phrases to throw into your search: "rape" and "Duke lacrosse". ;-/

blame a lesbian. that's what i do.

Amen Kiki!

Everyone thinks Boston is this bastion of free-loving acceptingness because we got Harvard and other schools up in our grill. But this place is about as racist as things get in the entire country!

In the end, I blame skinny tall blonde white chicks. They make the market hard for me but convincing all the short curvy brunet chicks that they are ugly and only deserve their sloppy seconds...

Ok, that last comment didn't make sense. Rock on, Racist North!

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That is disgusting. It seems like every time someone commits a crime, they blame a black person for it. What happened to the one-armed man?

Kip's comment cracked me up.

And Neal is right--Boston, while I love it, is a seriously racist city.

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