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Thursday, January 19, 2006 

I'm so vain

So I have a legitimate query.

Last night at the Alumni function I met a guy. He's nice. Works for a great company, and I think that our companies can do future business. We exchanged cards and promised to meet up in the future to discuss the opportunity.

When I got to work this morning I had an email from him. I didn't think anything of it. He gave me his cell phone number. I replied and included my cell as well.

Then he called me at work. I was a bit surprised to hear from him, but I figured he got some more information on our business venture and wanted to talk to me about some things. We had a nice conversation. We talked for 30 minutes and it was fun. During the conversation I mentioned again that I don't like Lansing and that I want to learn how to golf. This turned into a discussion about how vital golf is to business and he mentioned he had an extra set of clubs and was willing to give me some lessons when the snow finally leaves Michigan. Cool. I'm a sucker for free things. Lessons included. I still thought this was a friendly business call. He mentioned that he had a child, and we talked about our age differences. I thought I saw him with a wedding ring on last night. Still, things to talk about during a business call. He asked how I was holding up in Lansing and I told him that it's tough, but I try to make it to Detroit as much as I can. He suggested that we grab lunch when I'm in Detroit next. Ok. That's cool. Still business friendship related. I was still in the business zone. Then he asked what else I liked to do in Detroit. Um, I like bars and drinking and having a good time. Then he suggested we maybe do that as well.

Hmm...ok. I was a bit taken aback but I didn't show it. I really want this guy as a business partner. I think that our two companies can do some good things together, and I want to be the person who brought our companies together. However, I can't figure out if he was hitting on me or if I'm just a vain bitch. Whatever. So far I've got free golf lessons and a possible lunch with him in the near future. I'll decide what his intentions are later. Or when he tries to grab my ass. Whichever comes first.

oh silly poodle.

i finally call you and you don't even recognize that it's me!

why didn't we play monopoly tonight!!!! BOOOOO

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