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Friday, June 10, 2005 

Welcome to the Dungeon

Well, as the folks who read this blog already know, I bought a house this week. I’m really excited. We’re calling it the Dungeon. That’s because the master bedroom is in the basement. So obviously all the torture takes place in the basement! I’ve added a link to the pictures here, so please take a look.

I’m really excited. It’s a 3 bedroom house. It’s got a huge backyard and I’m thinking of putting a small garden out back. I have 6 mature trees in the backyard and one mature tree in the front. I never thought I would be the one getting into gardening and landscaping, but this weekend I plan on hanging out at The Home Depot and getting some tips about plants in this area. The Dungeon is in an old neighborhood. There are quite a few new houses being built on my street. I guess that’s how they do things in Michigan. The neighborhood is very quiet and there’s an elementary school at the end of the street (alright for resale value!). I’m totally stoked about decorating even though I have no more money. I’ll be really paying attention to Trading Spaces and thinking of creative, cheap ways to decorate.

So that’s the Dungeon. I’m hoping that my friends will be able to visit sometime soon (well, as soon as I get furniture and appliances!)

didn't you mean... (well, as soon as i get furniture, appliances AND some friends.) hehehe Congratulations Mamma Kiki!!!

It's true. I don't have friends. That's why I have to pay Kipper a monthly 'friend' allowance.

congrats sweetie! i know you (and daddy kiki) are VERY proud. as far as decorating, forget about trading spaces, you wanna check out Design Remix. they take the stuff you have and "freshen it up" a bit and re-decorate your house with it! and then there's some other show where they pick a furnished room out of a magazine and then accomplish the same look with less expensive items. it invovles some hunting, but we know kiki never pays full price :)

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