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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 


I have an unbelievable knack for procrastination. That’s why I have to start projects early. Otherwise I’ll wait till the last minute, panic, and then end up not doing anything at all. That’s just how I function. I’ve decided to take Friday off. The plan was to spend some time with Daddy Kipper in Chicago. However, hotels are either nonexistent or $1000.00/night, so we may not end up going. Nevertheless, I’m still taking Friday off. I got a huge assignment yesterday. I want to finish it by tomorrow so I can get the corrections by Monday, and send it off in plenty time before the deadline. So I’ve dedicated today to working on the project, and taking the keys off my computer keyboard and blowing away the dust. Because that’s more productive than finishing this project.

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  • I'm young, single, got a great ass, a serial dater, a sometimes drunk, addicted to the gym, liable to make fat girls cry, have a mild ED, think Notre Dame is the greatest college and Texas is the greatest state. Currently at a standstill since moving from Detroit Area, Michigan (tons of yuppies) to Mason, MI (noted KKK presence). Come be a part of my random, shocking, and exciting world.
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