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Tuesday, May 31, 2005 

We Meet Again

GQ. July Issue. Brad Pitt Cover. Page 62. Remember Ryle? The guy Kipper and I met in Chicago and bought sweet potato fries for? Yeah. That's him. On page 62.

I got an email for AWOL Kipper telling me to look. I went to the bookstore. Sure it was a cute guy in white swim trunks. So what. Then I looked closer. Yep. It's Ryle. So, I called Ryle. He told me it was him. He did some modeling while in Miami but he really wants to concentrate on his music. He didn't want the modeling to make him less of a musician. "I don't want to be a Ricky Martin." He really wanted to focus on the writing and playing of music. He said he had a meeting with IMG this month. Just to feel it out.

Honey, I'll feel you out anytime. I'm just looking for an excuse to book it up to Chicago!

I looked ... nice abs, but not too nice looking in the face ...



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