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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

I may be many things. A homewrecker I am not.

I've been emailing this married man for a few months now. I met him and his friends back in January at a bar with my bosses. He told me he was married off the bat. I was a little weirded out talking to him, but Tiffy said to just play it cool. Maybe he just wanted to be friendly. However, this tured out to be like that episode of SATC where Charlotte has her married friends to hook her up only to find out that the married guy is obsessed with her.

I haven't met up with Mike since I met him and his friends in January. However, we have kept in touch by email. He's even suggested some bars to go to around town to hang out. I thought he was just being cool. Things got creepy today. I was telling him about The Dungeon (there will be an entire post about The Dungeon in due time) and he suggested I 'punish' him many times. He also asked why I wasn't in a realtionship. I ignored the first part and told him that I was still pretty new, but if he knew of any single, available men to send them my way. He responded by saying that his mind was too deviant to offer me up to single guys. But he was willing to offer me up to his wife.


I had to ask Cos for a second opinion. Maybe I was reading too much into it. She told me that I did sound a tad suggestive with my Dungeon remark, but it's kinda part of my wit and totally should not have been construed as a sexual come on to a married man. I wrote Mike back and told him that I was sorry to be suggestive to my remark but that I am only available for single men...and not even married women.

Yuck! Why did he think I would have an affair with him? We talk about his wife constantly. I've never met or seen her, but he tells me that they just bought a new house and that she's sweet enough to make his lunch for him in the morning. I'm sorry. If I had someone to cook for me, I wouldn't fuck it up by even thinking about an affiar. Cos supposed that he's the even creepy kind of guy who will talk about his wife and suggest an affair in the same breath. Sick.

Seriously guys. I don't have many boundaries, but that's one I will not cross.

OMG! That's Daddy Kipper's rule too! Except he likes to lead on married men then crush them with guilt, cuz it's fun. And they deserve to be f**ked with cuz they're terrible people! :-)

there's something pretty hot about being on third base with a guy and then asking him about his girlfriend only to have him breathe really hard and then bite you on the neck.

but nah, i dont get into marrieds. speaking as a former wife, adulterers are bastards. mike = bastard.

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