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Thursday, May 12, 2005 

You Drive Me Crazy

Just wanted to say hello. Heard that Outkast song on the way to work and that [sic] about what a pain you were....kidding!

Anyways, hope the job is going well and that you are enjoying the greater Lansing area. Take care.
That’s what Smitty wrote. To me. Yesterday. Yeah, and he still hasn’t grasped the concept of proper grammar…or of the English language. Well, since I’m a girl, I have to take this 41 word email and dissect it, looking for its underlying meaning. It’s what we do. Get over it.

He thought about me. That’s major. A song reminded him of me. Now honestly, I can’t remember which Outkast song it was. Most likely, Hey Ya! I used to shake uncontrollably seizure-style while listening to that song. Yum! Sexy! Of course, when I write him back, I’m going to ask him if he meant The Way You Move. Ya know, just so he can start thinking about the way I moved!

Ugh. This is silly. I can’t believe I’m getting this worked up over a 4 sentence email. But he does that. He has that effect. He’s done it before. I need to learn to stop giving in to the hype. I need to finally learn. I want to tell him that I got a raise and I’m in the process of buying a house. That I’m single, That I’m still hot. That although I don’t think about him nearly as much as I used to, sometime I wonder how he’s doing and if he wants to chat. That if he’s ever in town for a game, he can always crash on my bed at my house. I want to tell him that I’ll be in Detroit this weekend and maybe we can grab lunch. But I’ll only set myself up for disappointment. The man is only one rung more dependable than Hot Bod (who I haven’t heard from in 3 months). So I’ll start by not responding to his email till Monday, and focus on planning a fabulous drunken weekend with ADD Tim.

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