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Sunday, May 15, 2005 


Never take boys home from the bar who are young, asthmatic, and suffer from ADD.

But before I go there, I was really proud of ADD Tim this weekend. I called on Friday to ask if he had Saturday plans. I wanted him to take me out. He told me that he thought he was playing Euchre at a friend's house, but would call me to confirm. I called again on Saturday, thinking he blew me off, but he answered and told me that he was pretty sure that they were playing but he would call and let me know. And he did. I was shocked. Normally when people blow you off, they don't call back. Although we didn't get to go out in Birmingham, at least he was honest (for all I know) and that goes a long way. Since I didn't go out in Detroit, I took myself out in Lansing. And that's where we get to the PSA.

Jon just turned 23. He's going to school at another university, not MSU. His friends had been sitting near me at the bar most of the time I was there but they never said anything. Until Jon sat down beside me. He was plastered. He had been drinking since 2P and he and his friends were celebrating his birthday. He was cute. I could tell he was tall (6'2) and he complimented me the entire time. He wanted to know how old I was, but since I have a strict 'don't sleep with boys under 30' rule, I wouldn't tell him my age. He guessed that with all I've done in my life, I was probably 27-29, and he reassured me that wasn't old. So, I took him home. [Sidenote: I can't wait till I move closer to E.Lansing. The drive back to Mason was brutal last night.] He told me he had to be back in EL by noon for band practice. Little did he know I wake up at 7A.

But the weirdest thing happened that's never happened to me. Nothing on my end worked! He was cute, he was into me, he was tall, an o.k. kisser, but Kiki was just totally dead. It got to the point where I was so frustrated, I just 'passed out.' But what was even more bizarre, I got more comfort and satisfaction just by knowing someone else was sleeping in the same bed. O...M...G! Lansing has made me impotent!

I took him to Cracker Barrel for breakfast the next morning as one does when you bring a college boy back to your place and you discover that you're dead on the inside. He was a talker. And that's when I discovered he had ADD (no wonder he's 23 and still in college). He also pulled out his inhaler at one point during the night. Am I really that good even when I'm not trying? Well, he paid for breakfast. And I said across the table, "Well, I only consider that fair seeing as what I did for you this morning." Heh. He blushed. I took him back to his friend's house. We didn't exchange numbers. His band is playing at a local club next weekend. I know where to find him if i want to.

and you're dead on the inside...welcome to daddy kipper's world!!! YAY for kiki's story!!! :-)

and visit pocketkip's new blog!!!

OMG are you serious! nooooooooo.

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