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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

Worst Day Ever!

Last night I realized there is a total difference between social Kiki and professional Kiki. Another work function last night. Hey kids, it’s the highlight of my life. Sometimes I have nothing more to live for. Anyway, Boss Man and I went to a work event. It’s the kind I like. Basically a see and be seen with free food and an open bar. And we all know how Kiki likes to drink. But it was weird. For some reason, I couldn’t drink around my boss. So I ordered an ice water and smiled and shook hands. However, Boss Man had to leave early, so naturally, I headed for the bar. Where I flirted with the bartender. Not that he was cute or anything, he just seemed cool to talk to. We chatted for a while and he made me a Grey Goose and tonic (no sub par liquor (Pavlov…ugh I can’t believe I drank that in college) for Ms. Kiki). Heh. Double parentheses!

Well after my first drink I had a blast. I was walking all around the room, extending my hand to anyone who made eye contact with me. One guy told me that he owned a bar in BFE Michigan and if I’m ever in the area to stop by. I will never forget that man!

On to today. I got pulled over for speeding. The cop wrote me for 5 mph over. Of course I opened my mouth and asked to see the radar gun. He cleared it. I told him that as a motorist I have a legal right to ensure there’s no discrepancy between the radar gun and the ticket. He thought I was sassin’ him so he amended my ticket and wrote it for 15 mph over. Stupid bastard. Well, I’ll just appear in court. No worries. Plus I think it’s kinda shady that he ‘amended’ my ticket. That should get me some kind of credit as well. And Michigan is so different from Texas and Indiana. In Texas, if you took defensive driving they wouldn’t report the ticket to the insurance company. In Indiana, if you paid a huge fine, they didn’t report it. Not so in Michigan. There’s no way to get out of the ticket, and you get a point added to your insurance, which stays for 3 years. After that the penalty is reduced, and after 6 years it’s completely erased. And y’all know I make $0.03/day at work so I can’t afford an insurance hike. So let’s all pray this fool doesn’t show up to court!

But my day got a little brighter when ADD Tim calls me out of the blue this morning. He told me he was meeting a client today in Lansing and he wanted to take me to lunch! Yay! Free lunch. Then he calls me back and asks me to look up the address of his client. Turns out he was supposed to be in Ann Arbor, not Lansing! Oh ADD Tim! So no free lunch today. That’s ok. I may cash in this weekend and spend some time clubbing with him on Saturday!

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