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Sunday, May 01, 2005 

Kiki the Kat Lady

I had lunch with Stephanie on Saturday. The purpose was to catch up and give her a shower present since I didn't make the baby shower in Texas. I had to pick her up to go to lunch cause she can no longer drive. It's kinda heartbreaking. Anyway, I pull up and her gorgeous husband lets me in. We small talk downstairs while Steph continues to get ready. It was cool talking to him, but after a while we reached that awkward silence where two people with really nothing in common run out of things to say.

Steph and I went to Cosi for lunch. We had a nice time. I finally got to talk to someone removed about how much I dislike it in Lansing. She in turn gave me a friendly, and helpful, swift kick to the ass. I told her that I hated saying this out loud, but the reason I don't do things in Lansing is b/c it's totally different from any city I've lived in. There's no yuppie class. And since I feel that I really can't relate, I don't. I told her that I'm not looking for a boyfriend, just people to go out with and have fun. She told me that if it's the case that I'm not looking for anything serious, what's the problem with going out with a plumber, or an electrician, or some guy who works at the local GM plant? It's not like you're interested. You're just looking to have fun. She told me that between her last long term relationship and the time she met her gorgeous husband, she dated duds just to have something to do. She wasn't remotely serious about any of them, but she found out that each one had characteristics that she later used to determine what she really wanted out of a husband. She dated one guy who wasn't attractive, but really funny. She never knew that 'funny' was an important trait to her until she met that guy. She told me that my rut is self imposed. I'm not a shy girl who stays in and doesn't try new things. I need to meet people, no matter who they are, not judge, and have a good time. Or else she would buy me a cat and call me the cat lady. And no one likes that.

I was so glad that Steph set me straight. I really do need to stop being judgmental. I don't want to become that kind of person. And even worse, I've been a person who was judged in the past. Therefore I have no right to judge anyone else. So I'm making a conscience effort not to be judgmental and be nice to all. Of course, we all know that Jesus loves me, and He loves to test me. So, on my way back home, guess who calls? Bif! I was so angry. I didn't want to answer the phone, but I remember how I need to be nicer. The man was so happy I answered his call. I talked to him for a record 13 minutes without being mean. Well, not as mean as I usually am. In return he invited me to work out with him at the Y sometime. I may take him up on that. You know how I like to stay in shape.

So my goal now on is to talk to the locals, be nice, and smile. What doesn't kill you has to make you stronger.

In other news, I volunteered to help Steph and her gorgeous husband pack up the moving van on May 28! I hope there are other hunky sweaty doctor lovelies at the packing.

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