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Thursday, March 31, 2005 

Why are boys so crafty?

I am going out of my cotton picking mind. I was all excited cause I was going to see my crush today and possibly ask him out for lunch. I'm all dressed up. I look nice I smell nice. Things are working for me. I even had this cute dream last night. Let me explain it:

The crush and I were out chilling in Royal Oak walking around. It was nice out and everything was rosy. Well I see Hot Bod and I go up to him to say hello. We're friendly but he is hurt that I didn't hold out for him and actually started seriously dating someone else. I told him that I tried but that I couldn't. I could tell he was a lil hurt, but still happy for me.

Now reality: I get to work this morning and look at my cell to realize that Hot Bod actually called me last night and I missed his call. Talk about the subconscious working overtime. Now all of my feelings for Hot Bod are bubbling up again although he is more of a workaholic than Smitty was. However, he's smart, attractive, successful, is great to my friends, and the sex was great (I mentioned the Hot Bod, didn't I?). Sigh. Things are so difficult sometimes. I called him back. We'll see what he has to say.

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